About LED-Resource

The LED-Resource Difference

LED-Resource is dedicated to information about the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are revolutionizing lighting in many aspects of our lives. Our team of editors come from various engineering, rather than journalistic, backgrounds, providing LED-Resource with the expertise to interpret technical details and conduct in-depth testing as part of our review procedure.

Excellence at the heart of LED-Resource, and we are a non-commerical company commited to providing professional content in a non-distractive (advertisement-free) environment.

Brief History of LED-Resource

LED-Resource’s founders were originally editors and members of a leading mobile technology site. Our focus shifted towards LED technology when our first exclusive flashlight review was met with positive reception, even though it was posted on a mobile technology site! Since the successful launch of LED-Resource in September 2010, we have been devoted to bringing you the latest news and reviews about energy-efficient, solid-state illumination.

What’s the big deal with LEDs? LEDs are the latest technological advancement in lighting, and they are being used in more and more applications. Click here to find out more about why LEDs are much better than traditional lighting sources.

Editorial Staff

General Information

Use this email if you have general questions or comments that do not pertain to any specific article, or have suggestions for products to review.

Robin Wang, Executive Editor and Founder

Business-oriented smartphones had been Robin’s area of expertise since 2005, but after the shake-up of the smartphone industry around 2008, his focus shifted to LEDs and eventually led to the founding of LED-Resource. With a background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Robin writes for LED-Resource during his spare time.

Daniel Weigh, Senior Editor

LED’s have always interested Daniel. With the recent surge in their availability and affordability, he has become a strong advocate for this eco-friendly illumination source. Daniel is currently developing the next-generation, cloud-based mobile web platform and devotes spare cycles to LED-Resource.

Jim Basham, Guest Editor (FlashlightGuide)Jim_Basham

In his role as an industrial safety specialist, Jim has watched LED’s become a viable alternative to traditional sources of task and area lighting.  Jim is also a flashlight enthusiast and, although he still feels a nostalgic attraction to old incandescent lights, he is an avid follower of the latest LED developments in handheld lighting.

Amir Farhan, Associate Editor

As an avid admirer of tactical equipment and also a mechanical engineer, Amir has long recognized the importance of proper illumination in tactical situations and the advantages of LED lighting. Amir is involved in a variety of hobbies and uses this background to contribute reviews and articles for LED-Resource.

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