SureFire UBR Invictus Review

UBR_01The SureFire UBR Invictus is the latest addition to SureFire’s rechargeable lineup, and this light combines the performance of the UB3T Invictus with the practicality of the UNR rechargeable flashlight. With up to 800 lumens of output and a turbohead TIR optic, the UBR has an intense and far-reaching beam. For less-demanding usage, the UBR has reduced output levels as low as 5 lumens, and it can also be disabled to prevent accidental activation during transport.

Key Specifications

  • Output (Li-Ion): 800 to 5 lumens
  • Output (123A): 555 to 5 lumens
  • Intensity: 30,500 candela
  • Runtime (Li-Ion): 2h to 82h 45min
  • Runtime (123A): 1h 30min to 31h 30min
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery or 2 x 123A
  • Length: 9.75″
  • Diameter: 2.5″ bezel, 1.1″ body
  • Weight with Batteries: 13.9 oz.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • MSRP: $692
  • Actual Pricing: ~$500

Pricing & Contents

MSRP for the UBR Invictus is $692, and the light is only available in black. We received our UBR in pre-production packaging, but production models will come in a cardboard box with similar contents, including: SureFire UBR Invictus, Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack, “Dual Fuel” battery carrier with 2 x SF123A batteries installed, AC adapter with international adapters, 12V car charger, and user manual.



Powered by a proprietary lithium-ion battery pack, the UBR Invictus is “Dual Fuel” capable and can also use a battery cartridge with 2 x 123A lithium primaries (rechargeable lithium-phosphate batteries are not supported).

The UBR uses the same battery pack as the R1 Lawman and UNR Commander, which is a Panasonic Nickel-Oxide New Platform (NNP) based 2900mAh lithium-ion battery that is rated for 500 full discharge cycles with a 20% loss in capacity (up to 2,000 cycles with partial discharge cycles).

To charge the light, connect the AC adapter to the charge port on the light. When the Fuel Gauge LED turns green, the battery is charged to 90% capacity. Typical charge time until 90% is two hours, and it will take an additional two hours to reach 100% capacity. For maximum battery longevity, as mentioned above with the cycle count, you may want to consider only charging the battery to 90%.

UBR_07 UBR_08

The Light

With a length of 9.75” long, the UBR is about the same size as the UNR, and the aluminum body is type-III anodized for maximum protection against scratches and corrosion.

UBR_09 UBR_10

Behind the slightly crenelated bezel is an anti-reflective coated glass window that protects the Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optic, and cooling fins help dissipate heat from the LED.UBR_11

Modes are activated depending on the position of the selector ring, which has detents for each mode and a white dot to indicate the current selection. Compared to the plastic selector rings on the UB3T and UNR, the UBR’s aluminum selector ring has stronger detents and a more solid click between modes.

UBR_12 UBR_13

Aggressive knurling along the body of the light provides grip, and next to the water-resistant charge port is the Fuel Gauge LED, which indicates battery charge status during use and while charging. Green indicates at least 90% charge, orange indicates reduced battery charge, red indicates low battery, and blinking red indicates that it’s time to charge or replace the batteries.

UBR_21 UBR_14

Tail Cap
On the tail cap is SureFire’s 4-Function switch with MaxBlast, which allows direct access to maximum output when the switch is fully pressed. For momentary operation, press the switch halfway for the selected output level, or all the way for maximum output. For constant-on operation, push the switch halfway to the side in any direction for constant-on in the selected output level, or all the way to the side in any direction for constant-on in maximum output.

UBR_15 UBR_16

To activate the lockout tailcap feature, unscrew the tail cap until the light no longer turns on (about a half-turn). The light can also be deactivated by setting the selector ring to Off.


The UBR has 11 output modes plus MaxBlast, which are detailed in the table below. When MaxBlast is activated, it increases the output of the selected mode to 800 lumens (with lithium-ion) or 555 lumens (with 123A).

Mode Output (Li-Ion) Runtime (Li-Ion) Output (123A) Runtime (123A)
SOS (2) 470†/800 lumens 463†/555 lumens
MIN (3) 5 lumens 82h 45min 5 lumens 31h 30min
4 9 lumens 59h 8 lumens 26h 30min
5 18 lumens 38h 45min 17 lumens 23h 30min
6 36 lumens 23h 30min 35 lumens 17h
7 70 lumens 13h 15min 70 lumens 10h 30min
8 138 lumens 6h 45min 137 lumens 5h 30min
9 264 lumens 3h 45min 262 lumens 3h
MAX (10) 470† lumens 2h 463† lumens 1h 30min
STROBE (11) 470†/800 lumens 463†/555 lumens
MAXBLAST 800 lumens 1h 45min 555 lumens 1h 15min

† LED-Resource estimated lumen output.


Using a Cree XM-L LED, the UBR has a maximum output of 800 lumens and 30,500 candela. The UBR’s turbohead optic has a unique shape that is specifically designed for the XM-L, producing an artifact-free beam optimized for illumination at medium to long distances.

UBR_17 UBR_18


If you haven’t read our article about runtime graphs and the ANSI FL1 Standard, please click here.






SureFire uses tactical and total runtime, which are not necessarily consistent with the ANSI FL-1 Standard specifications that we are using. For the UBR, mode 8, 9, and 10 runtimes are given as tactical runtime (measured until output drops below 50 lumens), and lower output runtimes are given as total runtime until battery exhaustion.

When using the rechargeable battery, the UBR reduces MaxBlast output to 500 lumens after a 2-minute burst. Due to non-linear brightness perception, this reduction during actual use is not as noticeable as the numbers seem to imply.


The SureFire UBR Invictus is an incredible handheld light, featuring up to 800 lumens of output, a turbohead TIR optic, an 11-mode selector ring, and the new 4-Function Tail Switch. Compared to the UNR, the UBR has more output levels and a tighter beam pattern great for using outdoors. The UBR is more economical than the non-rechargeable UB3T, and the 4-Function Tail Switch allows easy constant-on activation.

UBR_19 UBR_20

Unfortunately, the UBR has the same accidental activation problem as the UNR because of the protruding 4-Function Tail Switch, so carrying the UBR as a duty light may be difficult. With its MSRP of $692 and dealer pricing around $500, the UBR is likely out of reach for many police officers. Even with the high price tag, the UBR combines the best features of the UB3T and UNR into a powerful and economical flashlight that doesn’t require expensive primary lithium batteries.

Pros Cons
  • Maximum output of 800 lumens
  • 11-mode selector ring
  • 4-Function Switch with MaxBlast
  • Dual Fuel capable (Li-Ion or 2 x 123A)
  • Fuel Gauge battery charge indicator
  • Turbohead TIR optic
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Protruding tail switch
  • Expensive

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6 Responses

  1. Michael McKinney says:

    Where can I get a replacement for the panasonic nickel oxide (NNP) battery pack (proprietary with Surefire?) for my Surefire UNR Commander? is Surefire ever going to make this available?

  2. Robin Wang says:


    I don’t know of an exact date, but it’s been talked about and will eventually be available.


  3. Omar says:

    Hi Robin,

    I just received my UBR Invictus today. I had charged the light approximately eight hours and saw that the fuel gauge was flashing green instead of solid green. Is that a malfunction or is that an indication of something else? I’ve searched the net for others reporting a flashing green fuel gauge, but haven’t found any information.

    Thanks for your help,

  4. Robin Wang says:


    I’ve never seen flashing green on any of my SureFire rechargeables either, but mine are pre-production models that may have minor differences. That being said, there’s a possibility that it’s a new feature to indicate 100% charged (solid green indicates >90% charged).

    Does it happen every time you charge, and have you checked the manual or called SureFire Technical Support?


  5. Omar says:

    Hi Robin,

    I’m sorry about the delayed response; I had dropped out. I called Surefire and they advised that the flashing green indicated it was fully charged. However, I could not find any mention of this in the owners manual.

    The light works great!

    Thank you for your reply,

  6. Robin Wang says:

    Thanks for the update! Interesting…they must have been a new feature.


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