SureFire 2211 WristLight Review

SF2211_01Completely different from any LED illumination tool on the market is the new SureFire 2211 WristLight. This unique wrist-mounted light can be used in conjunction with a firearm in a firing stance, or as a headlamp alternative for hands-free general purpose illumination in non-tactical scenarios. The 2211 uses an integrated lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using a standard Micro-USB cable, and has a maximum output of 180 lumens for more than an hour.

Key Specifications

  • Output: 180 lumens high, 60 lumens medium, 15 lumens low
  • Intensity: 1,200 candela
  • Runtime: 1h 15min high, 4h medium, 13h low
  • Battery: Integrated Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Dimensions: 2.25″ x 2.0″ x 0.9″
  • Weight with Batteries: 3.7 oz.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • MSRP: $495
  • Actual Pricing: ~$350

Pricing & Contents

MSRP for the 2211 WristLight is $495, and the light is only available in black. Included in the box are: SureFire 2211 WristLight, Micro-USB charging cable, USB AC adapter, and user manual.

SF2211_02 SF2211_03


Powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery, the 2211 can be charged using any standard Micro-USB cable. To charge the 2211, connect the cable to the Micro-USB port on the light. Typical time for a full charge is three hours, and the Fuel Gauge LED turns green when the battery is charged to at least 90% capacity.

SF2211_04 SF2211_05

The 2211’s housing is sealed, which means that the battery is not user-accessible. At the end of the lithium-ion battery’s rated useful life of 1,000 cycles, the 2211 can be sent back to SureFire for a battery replacement (service fee will be determined in 2015). If the battery reaches the end of its useful life within two years of purchase, it will be covered under warranty. For maximum battery longevity, we recommend charging the battery to 90% by disconnecting the Micro-USB cable once the Fuel Gauge LED turns green.

The Light

With dimensions of 2.25” x 2.0” x 0.9” (at its thickest point) and a weight of 3.7 ounces, the 2211 is larger and heavier than most watches. It will take some time to get used to the 2211’s size and weight, even if you normally wear a large sport watch. As with SureFire’s handheld lights, the 2211’s aluminum body is type-III anodized for maximum protection against scratches and corrosion.

SF2211_06 SF2211_07

The 2211’s Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optic is recessed and angled 35° upwards.


Either one of the two electronic switches can be used to activate the 2211.

SF2211_10 SF2211_11

On the back of the 2211 is the USB Micro-B charge port, which is sealed and IPX7 waterproof.


At the center is the Fuel Gauge LED, which indicates battery charge status during use and while charging. Green indicates sufficient charge, orange indicates reduced charge, and red indicates low battery.


The back of the 2211 is flat.


The 2211 comes with a 24mm nylon band, which can be removed using a 0.035″ hex wrench if you want to use your own band.

SF2211_14 SF2211_15

Function Sets

Three output levels can be activated through two function sets, depending on how the 2211’s switches are pushed.

With a single press of either switch, the 2211 activates maximum output. Pressing the same switch again within 0.7 seconds will activate low output. A single press of either switch turns the light off.

When both switches are pressed and held, the 2211 cycles through low-medium-high, stopping at high. Releasing both switches selects the current output level. A single press of either switch turns the light off.


Low (15 lumens)
8% reduced output mode for an extended runtime of 13 hours.

Medium (60 lumens)
33% output for a runtime of 4 hours.

High (180 lumens)
100% output for a runtime of almost 1.5 hours.


Using a Cree XP-E LED, the 2211 has a maximum output of 180 lumens and an intensity of 1,200 candela. The 2211 has a specially designed TIR optic that produces a diffused beam pattern, which is optimized for close-quarter illumination such as room searches (in tactical applications) or close-up work (in practical applications). At longer distances, the 2211’s beam is too diffused to provide sufficient lighting.


The 2211 has a sealed housing and an IPX7 water-resistance rating, which means that the light can be submerged at a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes.


If you haven’t read our article about runtime graphs and the ANSI FL1 Standard, please click here.


SureFire uses tactical and total runtime, which are not necessarily consistent with the ANSI FL-1 Standard specifications that we are using. For the 2211, maximum output runtime is given as tactical runtime (measured until output drops below 50 lumens), and lower output runtimes are given as total runtime until battery exhaustion.

Runtime on maximum output is just under an hour and a half when the 2211 shuts off.


It’s not often that we see something totally unlike anything else, and the SureFire 2211 WristLight isn’t your average flashlight. The wrist-mounted 2211 is part tactical light, part weapon light, and part hands-free light, and its diffused beam pattern easily illuminates a wide area at close distances. The 2211 provides area lighting, which supplements a weapon light for tactical situations such as room searches. In everyday use, the 2211 is excellent for nighttime walks because the angled optic keeps the beam pointed forwards, even if your hand is inside a pocket.


There are many more uses for the 2211 beyond these two scenarios, but what makes the 2211 especially unique is that output levels can be selected in both descending and ascending order. If only one switch is pressed, the 2211 will cycle through high-low-off, and if both switches are pressed, the 2211 will cycle through low-medium-high. This makes the 2211 suitable for tactical use with immediate access to maximum output, but also general purposes where maximum output is not necessarily needed.

With built-in Micro-USB recharging, the 2211 is inexpensive to operate and convenient to recharge. As an alternative to wearing a headlamp, the SureFire 2211 offers distinctive advantages, but also a dilemma. Since the 2211 is wrist-mounted, it takes the place of a watch but lacks timekeeping functionality. If you’re like us and caught in this predicament, SureFire will be releasing the 2211 Luminox, which features a Luminox timepiece mounted on the standard 2211, later this year.

Pros Cons
  • Maximum output of 180 lumens
  • Hands-free illumination
  • Three output levels
  • Two function sets
  • Dual side switches
  • Fuel Gauge battery charge indicator
  • TIR optic with diffused beam pattern
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Integrated battery
  • Expensive
  • Does not tell time!

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