LED Lenser M7R Review

Most flashlights use a fixed focus because an adjustable focus without distracting artifacts is not as easy as it sounds, but the LED Lenser M7R, which uses an optic that is both a lens and a reflector, is one of the few that can be focused quickly for a smooth beam in both spot and flood mode. The M7R has a maximum output of 210 lumens and uses a lithium-ion battery, which is recharged using a magnetic charger that attaches to the tail cap of the light.

Key Specifications

  • Output: 210 lumens boost, 165 lumens standard, 27 lumens low
  • Intensity: 13,800 candela
  • Runtime: 3h constant current, 12h energy saving, 20h low
  • Battery: Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Length: 6.14″
  • Diameter: 1.4″ bezel, 1.1″ body
  • Weight with Batteries: 7.27 oz.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • MSRP: $150
  • Actual Pricing: ~$105

Pricing & Ordering

MSRP for the LED Lenser M7R is $150, and the light is only available in black.

In The Box

Included in the box (which is a carrying case) are: LED Lenser M7R, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, USB magnetic charger, charger mount, 2 x mounting screws and sleeves, AC adapter, belt clip, lanyard, and user manual.


A rechargeable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery is used in the LED Lenser M7R.


To charge the light, attach the tailcap to the magnetic charger. Charge time can take up to five hours.


The Light

The head features a plastic total internal reflection optic.


To adjust the focus of the light, the head can be moved forwards for a tighter beam or backwards for a wider beam.

The light is made of type-II anodized aluminum inside and out with knurling along the entire body.

Tail Cap
On the tail cap is a momentary-capable clicky switch, which also doubles as charging contacts.


The switch is a little firm but has good tactile response with a solid click.


The LED Lenser M7R features seven modes, which are divided into three function sets. Modes can be changed with a half press of the switch at any time.

Boost (Momentary)
A half press of the switch activates boost mode for the maximum output of 210 lumens.

Power (Normal)
A full click activates power mode, which is 166 lumens.

Professional and Easy: After turning the light on, hold the switch halfway to activate the adjustable dim mode. The light will continuously fade between low and high, and release the switch to select the current brightness level.

Low Power
Professional and Easy: After turning the light on, one half click activates the 27 lumen low mode.

Professional: After turning the light on, two half clicks activates a 3Hz blink.

Professional: After turning the light on, three half clicks activates SOS mode.

Professional: After turning the light on, four half clicks activates a 20Hz strobe.
Tactical: After turning the light on, one half click activates a 20Hz strobe.

Function Sets

Function sets can be changed with four half presses followed by a full press.

Professional mode offers all available modes to the user.

Easy mode is designed for simple operation, in which only boost, power, low, and dim are available.

Tactical mode is designed for easy activation of strobe, and only boost, power, and strobe are available.

Energy Management Modes

Energy management modes can be changed with eight half presses followed by a full press.

Energy Saving Mode
First 2 minutes: 100% brightness. Next 5 minutes: 100% to 50%. Next 25 minutes: 50% to 15%. Remaining Runtime: 15%. Total Runtime: 12 hours.

Constant Current Mode
First 2 minutes: 100% brightness. Next 5 minutes: 100% to 60%. Remaining Runtime: 60%. Total Runtime: 3 hours.


The LED Lenser M7R is rated for up to 210 lumens with its Cree XR-E LED.

In spot mode, the beam pattern of the M7R has multiple rings around the hotspot. However, in flood mode, the best feature of an LED Lenser light, the beam is almost completely smooth. With the new Speed Focus, adjustment from spot to focus is quick and can be done with one hand. Just twist the head to unlock, and slide the head back or forth.


Low battery is signaled by a 3Hz blink. The light is rated for IPX4 water-resistance, which means it can withstand splashing water from all directions, and rainfall would be nothing to be worried about.


If you haven’t read our article about runtime graphs and the ANSI FL1 Standard, please click here.


The LED Lenser M7R comes with several useful accessories included in the package, consisting of a mounting bracket, swiveling belt clip, and lanyard.


One interestingly compatible accessory is the Streamlight anti-roll ring (part #75702), which will stop the light’s tendancy to roll around when set on its side.


During our testing of the M7R at night, a power system transformer blew and sent the entire community into pitch darkness, giving us a great opportunity to test out both focus modes of the light. Needless to say, we’re fairly impressed by the flood mode of the LED Lenser M7R. Usually we have to remove a reflector or bezel to get a flood beam, which is easier on the eyes, but the M7R’s adjustable focus makes going back to a tighter beam extremely easy.

In addition to the useful flood mode, the LED Lenser M7R includes a self-aligning magnetic charging system and the choice of several different function sets, so this versatile rechargeable flashlight would be great for simple tasks at home or heavy-duty use in the field.

Pros Cons
  • Up to 210 lumens
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Focusable Total Internal Reflection optic
  • Flood focus
  • High-capacity lithium-ion battery
  • User-programmable function sets
  • Small size
  • No knurling on the head
  • Multiple rings in spot beam pattern

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42 Responses

  1. Dave Westphall says:

    i have a M7R that I am wondering if there is a charging problem. I haven’t used it in 8 months and when I went to charge it all I get is a momentary green light, then nothing. The instructions say I should be getting a red, green or flashing indicator on the charger. I have 3.8 V @ the battery, the lite works. I also left it on for 1.5 hrs. I just want to charge it up for the season

  2. Robin Wang says:


    Have you checked if the charging contacts are clean? Sounds like it’s not making contact. If this doesn’t help, I would recommend calling LED Lenser to see if they have any ideas or can send you a replacement charger.


  3. peter says:

    I’m having trouble with charging it never goes green all terminals are clean and I have tried both the car charger and ac charger …. any one else run into this issue

  4. Paul says:

    I have not used the torch for some months, not since my last trip overseas, now when I activate the switch, full or half click, all I get is a single flash. What do I need to do to get a continuous beam?

  5. Greg says:

    Just brought the m7r the other day , I went to work and used it straight out of the box all night , worked as expected … nor a problem , I got home and plugged in the charger, and attached the torch, a small red light light come on, ok that tells me it working, I plug it in every morning when I get home from work , no red light no green light?

  6. Greg says:

    ok just figured it out, its actually the charger, I plugged the usb cable into the laptop and Christmas tree almost, I then tried the charger on a different power point, no lights

  7. chingo says:

    Bought m7r for 5 months only, used it recently and the first light mode flashes 3x.
    i charged it full till green light turns on and still same result. When i use the dim light mode it doesn’t flash anymore.

  8. Simon says:

    If light mode changes from constant to flashing. You gave changed ” modes”
    There are about 3 or 4 different modes.
    To cycle thru them.
    Turn off torch.
    1/2 press on switch 4 times.
    Turn.on and see which mode u have selected.
    Repeat until you have desired mode

  9. Benny says:

    Hi i wouid like to buy m7r flashlight without the charger and the accessories since i lost mine at work. ..

  10. Tamás says:

    Does anybody know where can I get a replacement bulb for M7 r?

  11. Julius says:

    Good day! I bought led lenser P7R last 2016 in germany.As of now still working.however i have an issue having easily discharge even fresh battery has been used and even after recharging with new battery,it discharges on stand by mode.please to hear from you

  12. J POTGIETER says:

    Where or how can I get the battery switch unit on the M7R LED LENSER

  13. Ian says:

    Were can I purchase a new magnetic charching cable

  14. Bob Emison says:

    I have lost my LED Lenser M7R on a hunting trip recently. It is/was the Best flash light I have ever owned.
    Please tell me how to get another one ???? Thank You.

  15. Bart says:

    For a 5 years I was happy user of this torch but recently it became broken. Due to the malfunction during battery charging, I need to de-assembly the unit. So – can you suggest, please, how to pull the battery cage with electronics out of the rear cap, this cap with power-on switch?
    I was able just to remove the small rubber o-ring inside but I don’t know how to press the hidden snap to pull-in outside. What/how did you use to press it?
    Any support will be appreciated!

  16. Robin Wang says:


    You’re probably going to want to replace the entire battery carrier and tail cap assembly. Have you checked with LED Lenser to see if it’s covered under warranty or available as a replacement part?


  17. Bart says:

    thanks for your reply,
    I didn’t assume I need to do this until I check the electronics..
    At last I took apart these parts away, using force and make one latch partially broken, but it’s not critical. Now it’s possible to look into the electronic parts.
    If this fail, I will follow your suggestion – possibly there is nothing better!
    Best regards,
    take care,

  18. Shawn says:

    I have a M7R and can’t find a replacement charger. Will the M5R work or is there another compatible charger?

  19. Barrie honour says:

    I have an m7r, which is brilliant, but, I turn it on and after about 1 minute it flashes 3 times and then repeats this cycle every 1 minute, how do I get it to just be a constant light

  20. Malik says:

    Does anybody know where can I get a replacement bulb for P5R?

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